The protection of your personal data is really important for us. You can visit our website without leaving your personal data. Your data is processed only within legal limits and with your consent. Besides the data processing permitted by the law and consented by you, we process only anonym and impersonal data for statistical purposes in order to continuously develop our internet presence.

Our web server automatically stores the logfile information sent by your browser. This information includes the type and version of the browser, the applied operation system, the previously visited website, the IP address of the computer requesting access and the date and time of connecting the server. These data cannot be assigned to one particular person. Such information is not associated with other data sources, and they will be deleted in a short period of time. We use the obtained data only for statistical purposes, without being attributable to you, in order to further develop our website.

We use cookies on our websites. These are such text files, which are stored on your computer, and help your browser navigate on our website more easily. Most of the cookies used by us are the so-called “session-cookie”. These cookies are deleted automatically after leaving our website. With the appropriate setting of your computer, you may block the storage of such cookies on your computer. In this case, your navigation on our website may be limited.

Management of cookies

1. Under section 20(4) of Act CXII of 2011 on the right of informational self-determination and the freedom of information, the followings shall be determined in the framework of the cookie management of the website:

a) the fact of data collection,

b) the group of people concerned,

c) the aim of data collection,

d) the term of data processing,

e) the data controllers authorised to obtain data,

f) the description of the rights related to processing the data of the people concerned

2. Data processing is based on consent. It is not necessary to obtain the preliminary consent of the people concerned to use the “security cookies”.

3. The fact of data processing, and the scope of the processed data: dates and times

4. The group of people concerned: All the visitors of our website.

5. The aim of data processing: identification, differentiation and monitoring of the visitors of the website.

6. The term of data processing, the deadline for deleting the data: The term of data processing in the case of the different cookies is the following:

– PHP session cookie: It is deleted right after closing the browser.

– CSRF security cookie: It is deleted at the end of the session.

7. The data controllers authorised to obtain data: The data controller does not process any personal data by the use of the cookies.

8. The description of the rights related to processing the data of the people concerned: The people concerned have the opportunity to delete the cookies in the Data privacy option in the Tools/Settings menu of the browser.

9. The legal background of data processing: The consent of the people concerned is not needed if the cookies are used exclusively for the transmission of communication via an electronic communication network.

10. The service provider measures the page views by using the Google Analytics service. Data is transferred in the framework of the service. The transferred data is not appropriate for the identification of the person concerned. You find further information about Google data security principles here:


The visitors of our website may provide their personal data if they use the email forms on different pages.

The company stores the voluntarily provided name, telephone number, and email address to communicate with the inquirer.

The company deletes the personal data after the duration of the interest expires or upon request.

The request shall be delivered to the following address: 6000 Kecskemét, Felsőcsalános 22/c or the following email address:

In the case of further questions regarding data processing, please, do not hesitate to call the below telephone number. 06-76/703-215.