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Our mounted disc harrows are recommended for weed control or stubble treatment cultivation in small parcel-sized fields, plantations, forests and gardens. These machineries are simple and yet robust, all equipped with IH barrel-shaped bearings.

We manufacture our special discs ourselves, which are 330 mm or 485 mm in diameter, since the crook of discs available on the market is not big enough to achieve suitable performance.

UT – Universal and K – Small discs

The main application areas of the UT and K mounted V discs are stubble cultivation, plow cultivation, green manure process and weed control. In standard design, our K discs are equipped with Ø330 mm discs with 150 mm spacing, while on UT discs, there are Ø 485 mm discs with 225 mm spacing, but this can be changed as required. The angle setting of the disc row is free of grade.

The maximum size of V-shaped mounted disc harrows is generally not determined by tractive force but lifting ability. In order to eliminate this problem, we manufacture our ‘Niveládor’ and Orgoványi’ type disc harrows.

Divided disc row construction

Our Orgoványi disc’s first disc row is divided, in this way the tractor is lifting it more easily. This is reasonable in situations when the lifting capacity is small compared to the tractor’s traction force.

Foldable construction

During transportation the Niveládor V disc can be folded with a quick release, in this way the center of gravity is moved forward, thus reducing the load of the tractor.

Offset disc

At the plantations, in certain cases the machine is required to be offsetted, in this way it is possible to approach the plants, without damaging them with the tractors.

Forestry discs

Our V-shaped mounted disc harrows with reinforced frame and 560 mm discs are highly favoured for forestry use.

SX Forestry discs

This unique X-shaped disc harrow is ideal for cultivating small and young plantations. The plants run under the tractor, while the machinery performs weed control and tilling besides keeping the safety distance from rows.


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Busa product range

Busa product range




Over the years we have sold many machines working in all areas of the country. Today, we can say that our machines are presented in all regions of the country. We get positive feedback from our customers in reference to our products. We can bravely recommend you point of reference near your town.

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