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Cultivators can be equipped with stainless steel fertilizer and granular material dispensers. An injector with coulter disc may be used to apply liquid fertilizer.
Equipped with conventional spray nozzles, the injector can be easily converted for strip spraying or into foliar fertilizer application.

Fertilizer- and granular material dispensers

Container with reduced height
Stainless steel tank with 350 Kg nominal capacity. Due to the low rim height, it is not necessary to lift the load so high in the case of manual fertilizer refilling. For smaller cultivators, a container with a capacity of 300 kg is available, with 1-5 feeders.

BIG-BAG container
This stainless steel container with 1 t nominal capacity is fast and easy to fill and guarantees large areal performance.

Basic gear
Our standard model features belt gear, driven from the impeller with a V-belt. Compared to chain gear, belt gear is less vulnerable, requires low maintenance and is easier and cheaper to exchange. Low load keeps slip effect minimised.

Electronic gear
Optional electronic gear is also available for our fertilizer dispenser, which allows changing dosage settings on the go.

Injector with coulter disc

For application of liquid fertilizer, an injector with coulter disc can be used to ensure that the liquid does not evaporate immediately when it reaches the required depth. We offer various machine connections to cultivators for the correct application of fertilizer.

If the purpose is to get a back-mounted equipment that can be used as a single machine, the coulter is placed between the cultivator and the tractor. In this case, the load is distributed between the hoes and the injectors in a compact structure. The disadvantage is that the backward cultivator works less precise, and the backward center of gravity causes difficulty in transportation.

In the case of a tractor equipped with a front hitch device, it is possible to separate the functions. In the first case, the rear mounted injector with the tank is pulled after the front-hitched cultivator, or inversely, a conventional, rear mounted cultivator with a tank is pulled after a front-hitched injector. In our opinion, the second case is the most professional. In addition, both elements can be used as separate machines.

Our machines are currently equipped with one or two tanks with a capacity of 660 L.
For transfer liquids, as required, 1-2 electric pumps, a PTO drive pump or a hydraulic motor driven pump can be used. The application rate is controlled by a GPS-based controller, so the application is proportional to the area and the dose can be changed by pressing one button.

The loading and working depth of large diameter coulter discs are adjustable, so it works well on different soils. The machine can put out fluid in a wide range of doses and speeds. (40-300 l / Ha; 3-20 Km / h) Equipped with conventional spray nozzles, the injector can be easily converted for strip spraying or into foliar fertilizer application.


Data - row-crop cultivator fertilizers

Busa products with rotary hoes

Busa products with rotary hoes

Busa row-crop cultivator

Busa row-crop cultivator

Settings of feeder

Settings of feeder




Over the years we have sold many machines working in all areas of the country. Today, we can say that our machines are presented in all regions of the country. We get positive feedback from our customers in reference to our products. We can bravely recommend you point of reference near your town.

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