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The rotary seedbed maker is an innovative seedbed maker and plough finisher, developed and licensed by the founder of our company, Benedek Horváth.

This machinery is capable of performing several functions at the same time, uniting the various sessions of conventional single-task products. Additionally, it outperforms the majority of other machinery at most of these functions.

The rotary seedbed maker provides yield growth and yield safety, high operational reliability with long life and low operating costs. It provides quick return and outstanding profit.

Due to its outstanding clod breaking ability, this machinery can replace up to four sessions with conventional equipment. The rotary seedbed maker is the perfect solution for mechanical weed control since it covers residues and breaks clods without the risk of clogging. The vertical movement of the tines results in in-depth soil compaction and the soil is properly settled. In most cases one session is enough before sowing on freshly ploughed soil, and the crops will spring up in the optimal seedbed all at the same time.

Thanks to the development of the adjustable rotors, the Busa Rotary Seedbed Maker is suitable for seedbed preparation and soil levelling in the spring, as well as mixing chemicals and chemical fertilizers into top layers of soil.

Working depth can be adjusted easily and quickly according to the moist content of the soil, so clods do not build up from wet layers of soil.

Working depths are the shallowest on flat angular position, during spring works, only the dried upper layers are worked. There are the most blades in the soil at this setup, thus the pressure to one blade is smaller, and in return the layer is worked more thoroughly.

General medium setup for normal circumstances and soil conditions.

Working depths as well as the strain on one blade, are the biggest on a steep angular position, thus, this is the ideal setup for weed control, covering and compression of fresh ploughing.


Optional finishers

As base equipment, the machinery is equipped with slated rollers without axles, but can be ordered with double slated roller, self-cleaning rubber roller, or slated roller with mudscraper.

Cultivator adapters

For breaking up compact soils with spring-secured, terrain following or rigid, tubular shank hoes.


Data - seedbed makers

Busa products with rotary hoes

Busa products with rotary hoes

Settings of rotary seedbed maker

Settings of rotary seedbed maker

Busa rotary seedbed makers

Busa rotary seedbed makers




Over the years we have sold many machines working in all areas of the country. Today, we can say that our machines are presented in all regions of the country. We get positive feedback from our customers in reference to our products. We can bravely recommend you point of reference near your town.

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